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The Harness Room, Bowfield, Howwood, Johnstone, PA9 1DB

Date the company established?
The origins of the company as saddlers' ironmongers go back to 1887.

Number of employees?

What are the specialist skills of your workforce?
Many of the skills we use today are those used in the craft of harness making and saddler. For example, the art of pattern making, tracing and the cutting of the leather with hand tools; shaping and moulding of the leather, hand finishing edges, hand rolling of waxed threads for hand stitching, hand stitching; also the operation of leather working machines.

Where do you export your products?
Mainly Japan and Germany, also to Austria, Canada, Luxembourg, USA on a smaller scale.

What is your best selling product?
We specialise in Handmade Bridle Leather Belts. One style in particular - the C 1/8, an 1.25"/32mm 'raised' bridle leather belt with traditional solid brass buckle - is undoubtedly our best seller. It has sold well consistently since we first introduced it, I think in the late 1980s. The C 1/8 has its origins in the harness trade, the design idea inspired by the 'breeching strap' in carriage driving harness, which McRostie was known for at the time.

How important is it that your products are manufactured in Scotland?
This is vitally important to us that our product is made in Scotland. We believe 'Made in Scotland' is still recognised worldwide as meaning 'quality' - of workmanship/craftsmanship and materials.