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88 Greenhill Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA3 1RD

Date the company established?

Number of employees?

What are the specialist skills of your workforce?
We are the only die-casting company remaining in Scotland. We produce gravity and high-pressure castings in aluminum and zinc. We also have a substantial machining capability for finishing the castings. We are one of only four companies in the UK who can repair leaking valves, pumps and pressure vessels by the Vacuum Impregnation process.

Where do you export your products?
We export our castings to the Netherlands, USA and Japan.

What is your best selling product?
Our largest customer produces high specification light fittings for use on oilrigs on a worldwide basis. Our fitting is the only one that can work at sub zero temperatures down to minus 40 degrees C. We also make the aluminum cases for radios and battery chargers used by the NATO troops, gas regulator valves and Centralisers, which speed up drilling for the exploration of oil.

How important is it that your products are manufactured in Scotland?
Scotland has a worldwide reputation for excellence in engineering, with skills and knowledge second to none, so we always make a point of being Scottish. Whether it be heavy engineering, light engineering, electronics or design, there will be an expert available to discuss a project. We have made drive couplings for American Frigates, Junction Boxes for Cruise, parts for Exocet, counter balances for ground to air missiles and of course golf putters and a caddy car - so far nothing has been impossible.